A felony conviction may be the single biggest factor that negatively affects a person’s life.  If a person is found guilty of a felony, the result could be years wasted in prison.

Generally, a felony conviction will stay on your record permanently. As anyone who has ever filled out a job application knows, whether you have a felony conviction is one of the few questions that is asked on almost every single one.

A felony conviction also takes away your right to vote and serve in public office. It is a stigma that will follow a person for the rest of his or her life.


It is critical to approach every criminal charge, misdemeanor or felony, with great care.  A conviction for a misdemeanor may result in jail time and up to a year on probation.

Although the consequences of most misdemeanors are not as severe as those of a felony, a conviction for any crime that shows up on your public record is one conviction too many.


Everyone makes bad decisions. It is important that you don’t let one bad night out ruin your life.

The consequences of a DUI conviction are severe and include jail time and a loss of your license.

Underage Consumption of Alcohol

If you are under the age of 21, drinking alcohol is illegal, regardless of how common drinking is on college campuses and even in high school.

It is important to make sure that these charges are quickly dealt with and do not leave a permanent mark on a person’s record.

Domestic Assault

It may surprise many people that if police are called to a domestic disturbance and there is evidence of physical abuse, they are, in effect, required by law to arrest one of the people involved.

This is often a difficult determination to make, and through no fault of their own, officers often make the wrong decision.

Domestic assault cases typically arise in the midst of divorce, and it is important to have a criminal defense attorney that understands the trying nature of divorce and has worked with divorce attorneys in the past to achieve excellent outcomes.


Assaults are frequently personal and involve a detailed investigation of the facts and circumstances of the incident.