Personal injury

For most people, a lawsuit is something they never want to be a part of. It can be difficult, confusing and scary. Unfortunately, insurance companies will work as hard as possible to pay as little money as possible. That is their job, so is important to have a strong voice fighting for you.

Each client is important to me. An injury or tragedy may affect you for life. It is important that one aspect of your life, your financial security, is not a part of the issues you will face as a result of a personal tragedy.

The process of a personal injury lawsuit can take a time. I listen to my clients. It is not my goal to settle a case from the beginning.  I press for the very best outcome possible.

Next steps

Give our office a call to make an appointment to discuss your case. Please bring a copy of the accident report with you, and keep any medical bills and receipts, car repair information, and anything that may be relevant to your case.